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Mary Story, Suzanne Murphy, and Connie Weaver have all been elected to the Institute of Medicine National Academy of Sciences. Mary Story, PhD, RD, a professor and associate dean at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, is well known for her work on community approaches to obesity prevention. Suzanne Murphy PhD, RD, is professor and director of Nutrition Support Shared Resources Center at the University of Hawaii Cancer Research Center. Connie Weaver, PhD, is distinguished professor and head of the Dept of Foods and Nutrition at Purdue University and a frequent contributor to Nutrition Today. Both Mary and Connie are Nutrition Today editorial board members. Congratulations to these three distinguished nutrition experts.

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Movers and Shakers

Nutrition Today Editorial Board Member, Kolasa, Awarded ADA Medallion Award

Nutrition Today Editorial Board member, Kathryn M. Kolasa, PhD, RD, was awarded a Medallion award by the American Dietetic Association (ADA) in recognition of her outstanding service and leadership to ADA and the dietetics profession. The ceremony took place during ADA's Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo in Boston in October. Dr Kolasa is a professor and section head of the department of family medicine and associate director of the Pediatric Healthy Weight Research and Treatment Center at East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, where she has worked since 1986. Dr Kolasa is an authority on incorporating technology into nutrition education, prevention of childhood obesity, and nutrition education for medical students and physicians. She is a graduate of Michigan State University and earned a doctorate from the University of Tennessee. Congratulations on this well deserved honor, Kathy!

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Others 2010 Medallion Award winners include


* Sonja L. Connor, MS, RD, LD



Ms Connor is a research associate professor at Oregon Health & Science University, where she has worked since 1975. She is former chair of ADA's Nutrition Research practice group and the Council on Practice's Division of Education and Research of the ADA. Ms Connor was the speaker of ADA's House of Delegates in 2005-2006. As a researcher, Ms Connor and her husband, William Connor, have studied the role of nutrition in preventing and treating cardiovascular disease for many years.


* Linda B. Godfrey, MS, RD, LD, SNS



Ms Linda Godfrey is the owner of Outside the Box Food Service Training and an adjunct instructor at Sanford University. Previously, she was director of the Shelby County (Alabama) child nutrition program and assistant director of dietetics at the University of Alabama Hospitals.


* Gail P. A. Kauwell, PhD, RD, LDN



Dr Kauwell is a professor, distinguished teaching scholar, and director of the master of science-dietetic internship program at the University of Florida, where she has worked since 1982. Dr Kauwell served on the ADA's Research Committee, as a member of the House of Delegates, and president of the Florida Dietetic Association. As a researcher, she studies the role of folic acid in the diet to prevent birth defects.


* Kathy King, RD, LD



Ms King is a private practice consultant and the creator of King-Helm Publishing, a provider of continuing education materials for health professionals. Ms King helped pioneer the areas of self-employment, corporate consulting, and media work long before such possibilities were even recognized by many dietitians as viable and worthwhile.


* Linda J. Lafferty, PhD, RD, FADA



Dr Lafferty is the director of the dietetic internship, associate director of food and nutrition, and associate professor of clinical nutrition at Rush University Medical Center, where she has worked since 1986. An authority on health care foodservice, education, and standards of professional practice, Dr Lafferty is a former board member of the National Society of Healthcare Foodservice Management and was the organization's president in 2007.


* Melinda D. Maryniuk, MEd, RD, CDE, FADA



Ms Maryniuk is the director of clinical education services in the Strategic Initiatives division at Joslin Diabetes Center, where she has worked since 1993. An authority on the role of nutrition and registered dietitians in diabetes care, she is a past chair of ADA's Diabetes Care and Education practice group and a charter fellow of the ADA.


* Cindy L. Moore, MS, RD, LD, RN, FADA



Ms Moore has been the director of nutrition therapy at the Cleveland Clinic since 1993, directing the work of approximately 70 clinicians. She has worked at the clinic since 1978, including as education director of nutrition services and vice chairman of the division of education, and created the Cleveland Clinic's dietetic internship program.


Nutrition Today Welcomes Hager

Nutrition Today welcomes new nutrition policy columnist Mary Hager to our Editorial Board. With a background in higher education, social services, and the food and drug industries, Mary is a government relations professional advocating for nutrition and health issues on Capitol Hill and within the administrative agencies. Before working in government relations, she was director of the AIDS Center for Hope House, a Catholic Charity organization. Mary is also the founding dean of the graduate school and professor at Saint Elizabeth College in Morristown, New Jersey, and has been a consultant to pharmaceutical companies and a clinical scientist in food and drug product development. Her teaching career has also included full-time positions at Texas Christian University and the College of Mount St Joseph in Ohio, where she taught courses in foods and nutrition and was adjunct professor of chemistry. Although a native of Southern California, Mary earned her bachelor's degree at the University of Delaware and completed a dietetic internship at the University of Michigan Hospital before earning her PhD in Nutrition at University of California, Davis. Welcome, Mary!

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Launch of Updated Military Nutrition Web Site

Researchers from the US Armed Forces, Military Nutrition Division, have recently completed an extensive update of their Web site that includes uploading many of the early and historic documents and photographs of the pioneers. The Web site documents more than a century of scientific inquiry conducted by, for, and about the US military to promote and sustain the nutritional health of military personnel and citizens alike. Since 1986, the Military Nutrition Division at the US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine has been at the forefront of research to address the physical, physiological, and nutritional requirements of modern military personnel. The Military Nutrition Division at the US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine is a subordinate laboratory to the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command and is one of several units and facilities located within the Soldier Systems Center in Natick, Massachusetts. Its overall mission is to conduct basic and applied research to determine how exposure to extreme conditions, tasks, training, operations, and nutritional factors affect the health and performance of military personnel. For more information, please visit their site,


2010 Awards for Excellence in Inter-American Public Health Event

Public health leaders whose work has improved health in the Americas were honored at the invitation-only Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)/Pan American Health and Education Foundation Awards for Excellence in Inter-American Public Health Event in Washington, District of Columbia. The awards are cosponsored by the Pan American Health and Education Foundation and PAHO. The event took place concurrently with the 50th PAHO Directing Council, in which ministers of health and other high-level health authorities from throughout the Western Hemisphere met to set regional health priorities.


The following awards were given:


* Abraham Horwitz Award for Excellence in Leadership in Inter-American Health Dr Carlos Monteiro, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil


* Manuel Velasco Suarez Award for Excellence in Bioethics


* Dr Paulina Taboada, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile patients at the end-of-life


* Sergio Arouca Award for Excellence in Universal Health Care


* Dr Maria Fatima de Sousa, University of Brasilia, Brazil


* Clarence H. Moore Award for Excellence for Voluntary Service The Peruvian League Against Cancer, Peru