1. Singh Joy, Subhashni D.


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* A short session with a therapist during an ED visit can reduce violence and alcohol use in teens.



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This randomized, controlled trial compared two short interventions aimed at curbing behavior related to alcohol use and aggressive behavior in teenagers. Teens (ages 14 to 18) presenting to an ED with an illness or injury who indicated in a 15-minute computerized survey that they'd engaged in aggressive behavior and consumed alcohol during the previous 12 months were eligible for the trial. A total of 726 teens took a self-administered computerized baseline assessment before being randomized into one of three groups: computer intervention (n = 237), therapist intervention (n = 254), or control (n = 235; they received a brochure).


The computer and therapist interventions were based on nonjudgmental motivational interviewing and included a discussion on goals, a decisional balance exercise, personalized feedback, and role plays. The therapist intervention used a computer to provide prompts for the therapists and personalized feedback for the participants. Follow-up assessments were self-administered three and six months later.


Teens in the therapist group had significantly fewer self-reported incidences of peer aggression and violence and consequences of violence at three months than did those in the control group. Similarly, therapist group participants reported significantly fewer consequences stemming from alcohol use at six months than did controls. Teens in the computer group had a significantly lower incidence of consequences from alcohol use than did the control group at six months; however, no significant differences in violence reduction were seen in the computer group.


Walton MA, et al. JAMA 2010;304(5):527-35.