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We are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership between the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) and Nutrition Today(R). Effective with this July-August 2011 issue, Nutrition Today(R) is an official partner publication of ASN! With this new relationship, we are linking the leading nutrition research society with a high-quality nutrition publication that translates research findings into scientifically sound reviews and commentaries for nutritionists, clinicians, nurses, and other allied health professionals and students.


American Society for Nutrition

Established in 1928, ASN is the professional home for nearly 4300 scientists, clinicians, and health professionals engaged in nutrition research, practice, government, and industry; ASN is the authoritative voice in nutrition, and we advance excellence in the field through our publications, education programs, and public affairs efforts. You'll learn more about ASN in each issue of Nutrition Today(R)-keep watching this space for more news from our association. Not yet a member? Enroll online at


Nutrition Today(R)

Nutrition Today(R) has been in publication for nearly 40 years, and our readers rely on us to bring lively, informative articles on the effects of different food and eating practices on health and quality of life. We cover the most current and controversial topics, and we hope that the new partnership with ASN brings further value to your Nutrition Today(R) subscription. Nutrition Today(R) is an outstanding addition to ASN's peer-reviewed publications portfolio, which also includes The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, The Journal of Nutrition, and the recently launched review journal, Advances in Nutrition. We look forward to exploring the vital applications of nutrition science together.


Exclusive ASN Member Pricing

You can now subscribe as an ASN member at the exclusive rates outlined below. This includes access to the complete online archive of Nutrition Today(R) dating back to March 1966. Our new collaboration also allows ASN members to take advantage of a special 50% discount for CE tests for nurses, registered dietitians, and dietetic technicians.


In the September-October issue, we will announce the appointment of a liaison who will represent ASN on the Nutrition Today(R) editorial board. In the meantime, please send any feedback regarding this exciting new venture to [email protected]. Happy reading!

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Sharon M. Donovan, PhD, RD




American Society for Nutrition


Johanna T. Dwyer, DSc, RD




Nutrition Today(R)