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Education, Human patient simulation, Simulator operations





Within the airline industry, where much of simulation-based education originated, cockpit simulators are operated by current or former pilots whose expertise ensures the authenticity of the training experience. As yet, identifying the most appropriate person to run a patient simulator has not been translated into healthcare. Furthermore, few training resources exist for those who must learn the intricacies of the relationship between patient simulators, simulation scenarios, and educational objectives. This article reviews literature related to the role, educational preparation, and training of the patient simulator operator and explores solutions to the uncertainty about the difference between simulator operators and technicians. Because simulators are operationally intensive and because scarce faculty may be best used to facilitate student learning within the laboratory, the tendency has been to use a variety of personnel to manage patient simulators. Recommendations for standardizing the role of the operator that are consistent with the pedagogical purposes of simulation are offered. Potential questions are posed, and methods for future work are discussed.