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art, design, health care environments, hospice, nursing



  1. Miller, Maura Farrell PhD, ACHPN, GNP, PMHCNS, BC
  2. Kravits, Kate MA, RN, HNB-BC, LPC, NCC, ATR-BC


Nurses can play an important role in the planning, interior design, and decor of hospices. The role of nurses in the selection of art for hospices has not been documented previously. It is important for all nurses to advocate for their terminally ill patients by ensuring environments of care that promote privacy, comfort, are aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for dying patients and their families. Researchers have found that certain types of art may negatively impact patients and families. It is prudent, then, for nurses to consider the use of art to enhance the bedroom environments of dying patients, where patients will most likely spend their final moments of life.