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  1. Resende, Renan Alves MSc
  2. Fonseca, Sergio Teixeira PhD
  3. Silva, Paula Lanna PhD
  4. Magalhaes, Claudio Marcos Bedran MSc
  5. Kirkwood, Renata Noce PhD


The purpose of this study was to investigate the mechanical work of the hip, knee, and ankle in females with mild and moderate levels of knee osteoarthritis (OA). Thirty-nine women with knee OA and 39 healthy women participated in the study. Mechanical work expenditures at the hip, knee, and ankle were computed using data obtained during gait. Knee total and absorptive mechanical work was lower for the OA group. Muscle weakness and pain may have contributed to the lower mechanical efficiency of the knee, which may help explain the lower level of physical function demonstrated by women with knee OA.