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  1. Boev, Christine PhD, RN, CCRN


OBJECTIVES: This study provides a critical comparison and analysis of the Index of Work Satisfaction (IWS) and the Practice Environment Scale of the Nursing Work Index (PES-NWI).


BACKGROUND: Nurses' perception of work environment is of critical importance and is linked to patient safety. Two widely accepted instruments, the IWS and the PES-NWI, are used in the process of Magnet(R) designation.


METHODS: This study used existing data that measured nurses' perception of work environment using the IWS and PES-NWI.


RESULTS: Nurses reported a positive perception of work environment as measured by both the IWS and PES-NWI. Perception of work environment as measured by the IWS was significantly lower compared with the PES-NWI (P < .001).


CONCLUSIONS: Although there was conceptual overlap between the subscales of the IWS and PES-NWI, the differences in the constructs that each tool measured culminated with significant differences in overall scores.