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Envisioning a new primary care model. Recommendations developed by physician and nurse leaders have been published in a January 2013 American Hospital Association white paper, Workforce Roles in a Redesigned Primary Care Model, which focuses on the importance of access to interdisciplinary care with the patient, family, and community at the community health center. According to the recommendations, current and future health care providers should be educated within interprofessional models, and hospitals should transition to "health systems" that partner with community organizations and patients in a "user-driven" design. In such systems, the advanced practice nurse would diagnose and develop the plan of care, with the RN performing triage, providing patient education, and managing overall patient care. The report echoes key nursing principles throughout, with emphasis on a care continuum that includes prevention, wellness, and palliative care-not just late-stage, tertiary, and episodic care. The white paper and additional information can be found at