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  1. Tikochinski, Yaron PhD
  2. Kukliansky, Ida PhD


Despite its benign, natural course, colic is a significant problem in babies and imparts a psychological and physical burden to parents. This study has examined the relief of colic symptoms when using BornFree ActiveFlow baby bottles by comparing observed symptoms of 30 otherwise healthy newborns (ages 2-21 weeks) who had all been diagnosed as having colic symptoms. Twenty of the babies were switched to feeding with BornFree bottles (the experimental group), while the other 10 babies continued feeding with bottles by other manufacturers (the control group). A significant improvement was exhibited in the experimental group after 1 week of feeding with BornFree bottles, with a further significant improvement in the second week. Although they had different venting systems, the control group maintained the same level of colic symptoms as in the beginning of the study. We conclude that using BornFree baby bottles can effectively reduce colic symptoms in diagnosed babies.