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caregiving, hospice, inpatient hospice, place of death



  1. Lysaght, Susan PhD, GNP-BC, ACHPN
  2. Ersek, Mary PhD, RN, FAAN


Although place of death has been routinely studied in end-of-life care, more analysis on place of death within hospice is needed because of the recent, dramatic rise in the number of hospice patients dying in inpatient settings. Using a case study to illustrate the complexity of determinants of place of death within hospice, this article highlights important known factors and elucidates gaps for further research. Individual- and system-level factors, sociocultural meanings, caregiving, and preferences are shown to have important implications. Additionally, the unique components of home hospice, inpatient hospice, and transitions between these settings may have a fundamental role in the future of quality end-of-life care. Further research on determinants of hospice settings of care is essential to the care of older adults at the end of life.