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Make it a Disney Educational Day!

I'm going to Disney World! That's what the Super Bowl winners say, and we hope you'll say that you are going to Disney's Contemporary Resort in Orlando, Florida, October 24-27 2013, for the 28th annual Clinical Symposium on Advances in Skin&WoundCare. It's only 5months away, so start planning now to take advantage of this wonderful educational and recreational opportunity. By attending the symposium, you'll be able to apply basic to advanced concepts in the science of wound healing to your practice or role in preventing and managing wounds; discuss current clinical practice, plus how to integrate cutting-edge treatments, emerging technologies, and research breakthroughs; identify credible, balanced, and relevant clinical practice issues; and network with faculty and colleagues to maintain and growrelationships.


Visit complete details and registration information.


See you in Orlando!


Kathleen A. Greaves

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Advances in Skin & Wound Care