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Use these websites for helpful information on interventions for drug, alcohol, and other substance abuse in patients.




The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's website provides a 24/7 treatment referral line, a substance abuse facility locator, and medical-assisted treatment resources.


The website also supplies a list of articles related to addiction and substance abuse. For families, it offers information on how addiction develops, what patients can expect during and after treatment, and how to help children whose parents have substance abuse problems.


The National Institute on Drug Abuse


NIDA's website focuses on various types of substance abuse, including abuse of alcohol, prescription drugs, and emerging drugs such as "spice." It links to topics related to substance abuse, publications, and e-newsletters. Certain pages are dedicated to researchers, healthcare professionals, parents and teachers, and more. The healthcare professionals' page, for example, provides screening resources, patient teaching materials, and treatment information.




The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University is dedicated to research into the impact of substance use and the causes and treatment of addiction. According to this site, CASAColumbia researchers have produced over 75 published reports and white papers on a wide range of topics associated with substance abuse.


Office of National Drug Control Policy


The ONDCP is an office of the White House Administration committed to preventing and treating substance abuse and addiction. Its website describes programs for preventing substance abuse in America, such as the National Drug Control Strategy, and provides a list of federally funded prevention programs.