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Thoughts on Spiritual Care

The creative juxtaposition of the 1985 article to the 2013 update in Spirituality for Credit: Finding a Place in the Secular Curriculum by Verna Carson and Ruth Gerardi in the 30th anniversary issue of JCN (30:1) demonstrates the irony of prolific advances in healthcare and yet the status of spiritual care has not changed in almost 30 years.


Although there's a plethora of literature to support the need for holistic care addressing body, mind, and spirit, there's an almost nonexistent translation to practice where spiritual care is concerned. Recognizing the need, The Joint Commission (2008) requires that spiritual assessments be performed for each patient admitted into a hospital, nursing home, or home health services. We must remember that the point of asking the questions is to help the patient, not satisfy the regulation.


As an RN at a faith-based institution I see many healthcare professionals uncomfortable with anyone other than a chaplain or clergyperson performing any type of spiritual care. Nurse leaders have a responsibility to address the lack of understanding about spiritual care as well as the lack of training and education concerning meeting spiritual needs. Sadly, there seems to be little, if any, motivation to change. The biblical precept of reaping what we sow means a hefty price to be paid for neglecting the spiritual needs of patients as well as our own. The effect on patients is incomplete care rather the holistic care we purport to deliver. The effects on nurses are workplace violence and incivility, job stress-related burnout, and compassion fatigue.


Chief contributing factors to the current lack of spiritual care include dominant biophysical emphasis within healthcare, the secular-humanistic nature of many institutions of higher learning, politically correct groupthink, and grossly inadequate value placed on spiritual care. Nurse leaders must support training and better workflow designs to facilitate nurses' ability to practice presence where it matters the most-at the patient's side.


I join you in praying that God fills the hearts of nurses, educators, and nurse leaders with desire to learn more about spiritual care and effectively translate the knowledge into practice as a matter of improving holistic, quality care.


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Paula Miller, BSN, RN-BC


Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, Dallas