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  1. Tanner, Sharon J. EdD, RN


Questions arrive at the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) through several avenues. Nurse administrators and faculty members often call the NLNAC professional staff members to inquire about their program's compliance with the accreditation standards as they implement changes or discuss potential program revisions with their colleagues. Frequently, we receive e-mail messages from students, particularly graduate students, as well as from the nurse administrators and faculty members. In addition, we enjoy the energizing dialogue at the self-study forums during which attendees bring forth their questions and concerns related to accreditation. The attendees may also leave question cards with the NLNAC staff, and the questions on these cards are answered through phone calls and e-mail messages following the forum. The questions in this issue of the column are taken from the many questions received at the most recent self-study forum.