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The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has developed a Web site ( that nurses, nursing students, and nursing faculty can use to assist in better understanding the medical home model of primary care. Evidence-based resources associated with development and implementation of the medical home model and the potential this model has for improving quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of healthcare in the United States are addressed. A definition of the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is provided along with specific guidelines for both developing and evaluating PCMH facilities.


The Evidence and Evaluation section offers specific guidelines for research design of evaluations and development of the evidence basis for the PCMH. Suggested foci for evaluation include care coordination and consumer experiences using the PCMH. Nurse researchers may wish to use this information. Tools and Resources section includes a guide for implementing the PCMH with emphasis on practice facilitation. Topics presented include existing evidence; developing the administrative foundation; funding; hiring, training, supervising, and supporting practice facilitators; and evaluating quality and outcomes of the program. Additionally, federal PCMH activities are outlined.


Healthcare is changing rapidly. Practicing nurses, faculty, and nursing students are diligently working to understand and address these changes. This resource offers one way to examine one aspect of healthcare reform.


Source: AHRQ. PCMH: Patient-Centered Medical Home Resource Center. Available at Accessed March 14, 2013.


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