1. Boyer, Lauren

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As a nursing student, I subscribed to AJN when seeking extracurricular reading material. I've found it to be very informative and a great learning tool, but I was greatly upset when I read the April issue.


I am horribly disappointed that a professional publication would carry the NewsCAP pertaining to aspiration abortions (In the News). It's no secret that this is an extremely inflammatory issue. I'm disgusted that the writer states that "the types of providers who can safely perform early abortions could be expanded," as if the ability to end more innocent lives is a giant leap for the world of medicine. AJN is remiss to assume the average reader is pro-choice.


Maybe next time AJN wishes to convey new medical information pertaining to topics as sensitive as abortion it could attempt to do so in a more tolerant manner, respecting the fact that others may not be ecstatic about this news.


Lauren Boyer


Bellevue, NE


Editor-in-chief Maureen Shawn Kennedy responds: The In the News section of AJN includes reports about research studies. We would be remiss if we didn't include information about a topic or study because it's perceived to be controversial. Our intent is to provide information in a factual and unbiased manner, and the conclusions reported are those of the researchers, not the editorial staff.