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* "Incomplete Combustion: Crohn's, Motherhood, a New Normal," by April Gibson, is a powerful, raw story about living with the psychological and physical scars of Crohn's disease (


* Can physicians be too cautious in diagnosing an issue, leading to unnecessary discomfort for their patient? Dr. Ronald Pies relates his own experience as a patient in "Science and Suffering: My Two Months Battling the Aliens" (


* Julianna Paradisi discusses how the Affordable Care Act is affecting her career as an oncology nurse in "The ACA and Me: A Dispatch from the Trenches" (


* Check out AJN's new series of posts by Red Cross nurse volunteers in the Oklahoma tornado zone:



"Such a powerful story. Your writing pierces the soul. Thank you for speaking your truth." "As a retired registered respiratory therapist I have seen many folk who self-diagnosed and turned blind eyes toward the obvious, and eventually paid the price!" "There is a huge difference between what we learn in class and with real patients..." "Changing the culture from 'we make more money the sicker you get' to 'we get paid more to keep you healthy' will take major adjustments and some time to get it right." "As a nursing instructor, I see many who have no concept of what it is to be a nurse. Please keep learning from your mistakes and you will be a great nurse!"




* Monthly highlights: Listen to AJN editors discuss the contents of the August issue.


* Behind the article: Clinical managing editor Karen Roush speaks with the author of "Exploring the Concept and Use of Positive Deviance in Nursing."