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* Richard Carvajal on what is being called the first effective treatment for advanced melanoma of the eye.


* Volker Heinemann on his study showing that for patients with metastatic KRAS wild-type expressing colorectal cancer, cetuximab-based treatment added to first-line chemotherapy extended survival compared with use of bevacizumab-based treatment (See article on page 34).


* Suresh Ramalingam on the randomized GALAXY-1 study showing that ganetespib, a heat-shock protein inhibitor, improved the efficacy of chemotherapy in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer.


* Emiel Rutgers on the final analysis of the EORTC AMAROS trial, showing that for breast cancer patients who have a positive sentinel node, radiotherapy is as effective as complete surgical axillary clearance and less toxic (See article on page 33).


* Also offering their expect commentary on each of the four studies, respectively: Lynn Schuchter, Richard Goldberg, Robert Pirker, and Pat Price.



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