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Orthopedic injuries often associated with intimate partner violence.One in six women treated at an orthopedic injury clinic had experienced intimate partner violence in the previous 12 months, and one in three had experienced it in her lifetime, found a survey of 2,945 women seeking treatment at 12 orthopedic clinics in the United States, Canada, Europe, and India. Just 2% of the women were seeking treatment for direct injuries from domestic violence, mostly fractures of the foot, hand, or wrist, yet just 14% of these-and only 6% of all study participants-had ever been asked about domestic abuse. Most participants (75%) agreed that health providers should ask about intimate partner violence, and 60% thought orthopedic specialists should ask about it. Orthopedic clinics, suggested the authors (online June 11 in the Lancet), are crucial to the identification of women subjected to severe intimate partner violence who might be at increased risk for further injury or even homicide.