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cranial surgery, neurosurgery, neurosurgery nurse coordinator, patient and patient family needs, patient satisfaction



  1. Savion, Inbal
  2. Porat, Nurit
  3. Shoshan, Yigal


Background: The role of neurosurgery nurse coordinator is unique in Israel and was developed to provide a comprehensive response to the needs of patients undergoing cranial surgery to remove various types of tumors. The creation of the neurosurgery nurse coordinator role was based on patient and staff needs assessment and focused on two major areas: (1) the patient and his or her family-creating personal and empathic communication with the goal of offering emotional support, providing support to assist in relieving symptoms, coordinating between the patient and/or the patient's family and the physicians and consultants, and assisting with bureaucratic processes and with familiarization with the hospital's medical environment; and (2) establishing departmental processes related to improving patient care within a multidisciplinary team.


Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the needs and level of satisfaction of patients and their families, hospitalized in the neurosurgery department for the surgical removal of cranial tumors.


Methods: Satisfaction survey is composed of 47 questions.


Sample: A convenience sample of 67 patients completed a satisfaction survey related to various aspects of their hospitalization.


Findings: The study results reflect patient needs for emotional support, information, and additional education. These findings emphasize the great importance of the position of nurse coordinator in the neurosurgery department.