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Certification for Faith Community Nursing!

On June 12, 2013, the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and the Health Ministries Association announced a new Board Certification program for Faith Community Nurses through a portfolio assessment method. The program is in the initial development stages and ANCC recently recruited nurses with expertise in Faith Community Nursing to develop this new certification program. The Faith Community Nursing certification is targeted to launch in 2014.


Watch for future announcements from Health Ministries Association, ANCC, and JCN. Also, be ready to show your professionalism and get certified as a faith community nurse!


Write for JCN Columns

We are looking for submissions for the following JCN columns: Practicing, Called to Teach, In Retrospect, and FAQs in Spiritual Care. Got a nursing story you'd like to share? Tell about a real-life experience of how you've integrated faith and nursing. Are you a nurse educator? Write on a topic dear to your heart to encourage other educators. Are you interested in nursing history? Write about what you learn from the past and make application to nursing today. Columns can be a great way to get started as a nurse author-only 700 words in length (including references). Find full author guidelines at


2014 Innovations Conference at Indiana Wesleyan University-Save the Date

Calling all nurse educators, students, clinicians, and researchers! Plan to attend the 4th Biennial Innovations in Faith-Based Nursing Conference, June 16-19, 2014 at Indiana Wesleyan University. See for updates and a Call for Papers.


Take One PRN As Needed[horizontal ellipsis]

Need a dose of encouragement? You'll find refreshing stories, timely comments, and an online community at the NCF blog and via NCF Twitter and Facebook accounts. There are over 2,600 nurses interacting via the NCF Facebook page.


The blog material is organized into categories for quick reference to match your interests. Short sections regarding spiritual matters are posted on a regular basis. These brief articles are written to encourage and to engage the integration of your nursing practice and your faith.


The blog, Twitter account, or Facebook page can be accessed via's home page. Log on PRN.


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Coming soon in JCN


* Using Evidenced-Based Practice in the Faith Community by Lynn A Maitlen


* Caring for Sojourner-Mentally Ill-in the Faith Community by Jeffry Brinkley and Teri Kau


* Church: Hospital or Soul Spa? by Connie Jarlsberg


* In the Highlands of Central Asia by Melissa Meyers


* Nursing Interventions Used by Parish Nurses by Robyn Dandridge


* An African American Woman's Story of Faith, Diabetes and Coronary Symptoms by Carolyn Marie McKenzie


IMPORTANT NOTICE: We love feedback and receiving your letters! Write to us at In order to publish your letter in JCN, you must complete a Copyright Transfer Form (CTA). Find the form at Click on "Copyright Transfer PDF." Complete and email the CTA to with your letter; email or call 608.846.8560 for assistance.