1. Ibitayo, Kristina

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Click Clock

Sudden stop,


Click clock walk.


Steeple chasers,


Prayer graspers,


Click clock,


No talk.


Stop, stop now.


It's click clock,


Church chime time.


Too soon for noon,


Too new,


She still knew,


It's too soon


For click clock,


Obey the chime time.


Restless in the pew,


The pitiful few,


Yearn to escape,


Learning is done,


It's time we're gone.


Click clock,


Begin the walk.


Chime, chime,


To stop.


Click clock.


Brain Drain



Brain drain,


Countries crying


Puddles of tears.




It's raining


The world over.


Knowledge leaking,


Now streaming,




In the rain,


Away, far away.


Brain drain.




In the rain.