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* In "Giving Thanks for Meaning in a Nonclinical Setting," Julianna Paradisi, RN, OCN, shares her experience helping a neighbor's children during the holiday season (


* How concerned should we be about hospital personnel wearing uniforms from home to hospital and home again? AJN editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy discusses this long-standing debate in "Scrubs on the Street: Big Concern?" (


* Read highlights from the American Nurses Association's recent conference in "A Report from the ANA Safe Staffing Conference" by Katheren Koehn, MA, RN (



"Your post [horizontal ellipsis] is a reminder that we nurses can make a difference both in health care settings and in our communities. I have always found it almost more rewarding to receive local validation from friends and neighbors." "After administering shots to a little boy as he prepared to enter kindergarten, he pointed me out to his mother in a store, 'Look, Mommy, there's the shot lady!' with a big smile. When we are honest with a child they know it and will learn to not fear us." "I certainly change out of my scrubs as soon as I am home, but I have sat in my car and perhaps made a stop or two on the way home." "We use clear disposable aprons that cover our uniform when going into any patient's room. The research has not been finalized, but there was a definite decrease in postsurgical infections."




* Monthly highlights: Listen to AJN editors discuss the contents of the January issue.


* Behind the article: Editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy speaks with


* the lead author of this month's original research article, "Perceptions of Employment-Based Discrimination Among Newly Arrived Foreign-Educated Nurses."


* the author of this month's Mental Health Matters, "Mental Illness and Violence."