1. Section Editor(s): Hamm, Larry F. PhD, MAACVPR, FACSM
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This issue of JCRP is the first in the past 7 years for which Mark Williams, PhD, is not the Editor-in-Chief. Under his expert leadership, the Journal has greatly prospered and risen in prominence. While transitioning into my new role with the Journal, I spent considerable time working closely with Dr. Williams and quickly realized that he deserves most of the credit for the Journal's successes during his tenure. He worked tirelessly and meticulously to ensure that every issue was a high quality product. Dr. Williams has left a truly indelible mark on the Journal. Indeed, this fact was recognized at the AACVPR 2013 Annual Meeting, where he received a Special Recognition Award for his significant contributions to the Journal. Congratulations to Dr. Williams on an outstanding job!


On a personal note, I would like to thank Mark for providing me with his valuable assistance as I was preparing to become the new Editor-in-Chief. He was always willing to share his significant editorial expertise and experience with me and was available to answer my many phone calls, emails, and questions. I owe Mark a great debt of gratitude for his valuable mentoring. Thank you, Mark!


In this era of evidence-based healthcare, it is imperative that all of us stay as current as possible with the evidence. To this end, the Journal is a valuable resource to AACVPR members and others by providing important clinical and scientific research and information on important topics related to cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and prevention. Without the benefit of this information, it is difficult to provide contemporary, comprehensive cardiopulmonary rehabilitative and preventative services and to have an informed opinion on related topics.


Another change with this issue is that Peter Brubaker, PhD, joins our editorial team as a Literature Update Editor. He will be focusing on topics of interest in cardiovascular disease, rehabilitation, and prevention. Dr. Brubaker is a Professor in the Department of Health & Exercise Science and Executive Director of the Healthy Exercise & Lifestyle Programs at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC. Dr. Brubaker has an extensive publication record, considerable editorial experience, and is an NIH-funded researcher. Welcome, Dr. Brubaker.


I am approaching the Editor-in-Chief position with great anticipation. I realize that the job ahead is both demanding and diverse. Plus the bar has been set quite high by Dr. Williams and the other previous Editors-in-Chief over the Journal's 33-year history. I am looking forward to collaborating with a talented editorial leadership group that includes reviewers who, unfortunately, are too many to list here; Associate Editors Drs. Brian Carlin, Jerry Fleg, Lenny Kaminsky, Bonnie Sanderson, Ray Squires, and Jim Stone; Literature Update Editors Drs. Pete Brubaker and Sanjay Kalra; Content Editor Karen Hardy; and Managing Editor Abigail Lynn. In addition, I look forward to working with Kathleen Phelan, Senior Publisher; Amy Myers, Senior Production Editor; and their team at Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins who publish our Journal. In total, what an impressive group of talented professionals, and I feel fortunate to be associated with them.


A happy and healthy 2014 to everyone!


-Larry F. Hamm, PhD, MAACVPR, FACSM