hospital staff, maintenance, motivational profile, pedometer-based intervention, physical activity



  1. Lavoie-Tremblay, Melanie N.PhD, RN
  2. Sounan, Charles PhD
  3. Martin, Kara MA
  4. Trudel, Julie G. PhD
  5. Lavigne, Genevieve L. PhD
  6. Grover, Steven A. MD
  7. Lowensteyn, Ilka PhD


This study investigated whether the positive behavioral and anthropometric outcomes of a pedometer-based physical activity 8-week challenge were maintained 6 months after the end of the program. It further investigated the motivational profile of those who maintained their physical activity levels in the months following the end of the program and of those who did not. Hospital employees from a university-affiliated multisite health care center in Canada participated using a questionnaire. Of the 235 participants who completed the 8-week challenge, 157 questionnaires were returned 6 months later. Paired-samples t tests were conducted between the baseline and follow-up scores as well as between the postprogram and follow-up scores to detect significant differences between the measurement points. This study shows that the pedometer-based physical activity helped hospital employees maintain a high level of physical activity as well as maintain a healthy body mass index after 6 months. The results demonstrated that during maintenance the high physical activity group obtained higher scores for identified regulation and intrinsic regulation compared with the other groups. The results of the study revealed that identified and intrinsic regulations are important contributors to maintaining physical activity among hospital employees.