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  1. Erickson, Kirk I. PhD
  2. Oberlin, Lauren BA
  3. Gujral, Swathi BS
  4. Leckie, Regina L. MS
  5. Weinstein, Andrea M. MS
  6. Hodzic, Jennifer C. BA
  7. Dabbagh, Asmaa MS
  8. Whitmoyer, Patrick R. BS
  9. Wollam, Mariegold E. BS


The increasing proportion of older adults in the population is expected to lead to an increased prevalence of age-related diseases, including cognitive decline and impairment. It is imperative to find affordable and effective methods for improving cognitive and brain function throughout the life span. Research reviewed in this article suggests that physical activity and exercise have the potential for improving cognitive function and taking advantage of the capacity of the brain for plasticity in late adulthood. Promising evidence from studies examining the effect of physical activity and exercise on brain health indicates the need for further research in this area.