1. Fowler, Katelyn RN

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The authors report that newly licensed RNs experience feelings of nervousness, uncertainty, poor clinical judgment, and stress, even after completing orientation programs. This makes me wonder if the new nurse's work environment isn't just as important to nurse retention as the orientation.


We need more research into how nursing unit leaders can change nurses' perceptions of and experiences in their professional environments. Although the emphasis on shortening patient stays and decreasing operational costs, as well as changes to hospital reimbursement, inevitably affect the nursing workload, certain job-related environmental factors may have more influence on new nurses' job satisfaction and commitment. Policies, rules, interruptions to the workday, consistent instructions, autonomy, and support from peers and supervisors are examples of issues within the control of nurse leaders that can be altered to help ease a graduate nurse's transition into professional nursing-and to secure a dedicated, successful workforce.1


Katelyn Fowler, RN


Austin, TX




1. Unruh L, Zhang NJ. The role of work environment in keeping newly licensed RNs in nursing: a questionnaire survey Int J Nurs Stud. 2013;50(12):1678-88 [Context Link]