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The Consuming Nature of Cancer

Two sisters were born Just eighteen months apart. Two sisters were born As different as can be. Two sisters grew up One sister very intelligent One sister had to struggle. Two sisters went to college One married, had children and worked as an oncology nurse One went on to have an advancing military career. One sister had illnesses in life One sister was very healthy. One sister would call or write with angry complaints about her job or events in life One sister was happy to listen - she was the sister after all. . . One sister was active in her community and loved by everyone she knew One sister became quiet, trying to figure out the other sister's problems and how she could help




One sister called the other sister and was very angry-again One sister had cancer and was refusing a second opinion that the other sister was willing to pay for. One sister's body and brain went into a tailspin. One sister's brain and body were consumed with this cancer within a month even with intensive treatment Both sisters were to be going home... One sister told the other sister to be there to take care of her She was her sister after all. . . One sister cared for the other sister by day and slept by her side at night. One sister's anger then was directed at her sister-she was her sister after all. One sister's executor stepped in at that time One sister thought the choices made were wrong but had no say. One sister was admitted to the hospice hospital and totally sedated-which she totally did not want And had never signed the permission paper for total sedation. It takes seven days for a body to starve to death On day seven One sister passed away. . . No one would listen to the other sister, and her husband took her home. One sister's brother accused her of trying to steal the other sister's property that was not in the will And hasn't spoken to her since. One sister's other brother, normally very silent, has remained so, saying they have other things to do. One sister lost her sister and at the same time all her family as her parents passed earlier. One sister is surely in heaven. She has done so much to help this country. One sister remains to enjoy life here with her own family. One sister wants her sister back with her just to tell her how very sorry she is about so much. One sister knows there are so many should haves, could haves, and didn't do's that are too many to count. Life can be slow Death can be fast.


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Linda Flynn, RN, 30-year oncology nurse; caregiver to her sister.