1. Pelfrey, Joy MSN, RN, FNP, NEA-BC

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I, too, have said many times that I'd "never leave a family member alone in a hospital." It's always troubled me to feel this way. As Maureen Shawn Kennedy states, there are many issues that play into this feeling.


I want to be a change agent. I want nurses to find their passion again. I want them to think critically, remember the foundations of nursing practice, and participate in research that will make a difference. I want nurses to be proud of their profession, and to be confident in what they stand for.


I was recently asked to be the interim vice president and chief nursing officer of my hospital. It's an honor I'm humbled to accept and one that also creates a burden-to show a positive difference in nursing care at my facility. The nursing staff of my hospital, as well as all nurses nationally, must unify and commit to excellence in all that we do, from taking care of the patient and family to collaborating with colleagues in other disciplines to being fiscally responsible with limited health care funds to practicing in a manner that merits respect and trust from those with whom we work and provide care.


Joy Pelfrey, MSN, RN, FNP, NEA-BC


Huntington, WV