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Salt and Light

Nurses Christian Fellowship joins other nursing and healthcare organizations to recognize and empower nurses during National Nurses Week, May 6-13, 2014. This special week provides natural opportunities for Christian nurses to celebrate nursing and inspire their peers and coworkers.

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Consider sponsoring an event, hosting a Bible discussion, or meeting to pray with others as ways to express God's love and grace to the people around you.


NCF provides event ideas, a prayer guide, and a Bible discussion on this year's National Nurses Week theme. Visit the NCF Web site for more ideas on how to make the most out of National Nurses Week at


Member Benefits

Nurses Christian Fellowship is both a professional organization and a ministry for nurses, nursing students, and faculty. When you join NCF, you'll be part of a large network of nurses who are devoted to serving God in healthcare.


NCF membership costs significantly less than other professional nursing organizations. Join at and receive these benefits:


* Print, online, mobile view, and iPad subscription to Journal of Christian Nursing


* CE discounts up to 30% on a wide range of topics at


* Over 30 years of JCN articles online for research and review


* Full access to all of the JCNTopical Collections on Christian nursing, ethics, spiritual care, faith community nursing, articles from the heart, and much more.



Join our mission to help students and nurses at


JCNproblems? NCF members who need help with their JCN print subscription or online account should contact LWW Member Services at 866-489-0443 or Include your name and member number (located at the bottom of your monthly member e-newsletter, Charting the Way).


On Campus

How did you learn to assess the spiritual needs of patients when you were in nursing school?

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Teaching students how to give spiritual care is now an important part of the undergraduate nursing curriculum at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Last year, during a curriculum review, a Christian faculty member at UIC pointed out that spiritual care was not being taught as part of the nurse's role. She lobbied for change and other faculty members agreed.


Renee Lick, NCF Student Ministries Director, has prayed for the UIC School of Nursing for more than 10 years. Because of her relationships with UIC faculty and administrative staff, she was invited to speak at a mandatory workshop on "Caring for the Spiritual Needs of Patients" to more than 220 nursing students and faculty last semester.


Renee addressed how the spiritual life of nurses directly affects the spiritual care given to their patients. She asked every student to find a partner and answer one of these spiritual assessment questions for themselves:


* Who or what provides you with strength and hope?


* Is prayer useful in your life?


* How do you express your spirituality or religious beliefs?


* What type of spiritual or religious support would you like?


* What are your spiritual goals?


* How does your faith help you cope with illness?



"I prayed that students who have not asked themselves spiritual questions would begin to do so and start on a journey of seeking God," Renee said. "I knew they had questions, past hurts, and varying spiritual perceptions of God, yet God intimately knows each one of them."


NCF has been at the forefront of equipping nurses and students to give spiritual care for decades. Through Renee's seminar and self-reflective exercise, nursing students at UIC are more prepared to identify and assess the spiritual needs of their patients and give more holistic care.


Find NCF resources for spiritual care at



Connecting Faith and Nursing

Come be encouraged and learn how to make a personal impact on nursing at the 2014 Innovations in Faith-Based Nursing Conference,June 16-19, 2014 at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana. Sponsored by IWU, Eta Chi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International, NCF USA, and NCF International, Innovations has something for everyone-clinicians, educators, students, and researchers.

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Hear outstanding plenary speakers on these important topics-Elizabeth Johnson Taylor, PhD, RN, spiritual care expert, author, and researcher:


* On Being Wise as Serpents and Gentle as Doves: Spiritual Care in a Secular Society


* Prayer & Health: The Latest Evidence Informing Practice



M. Kamalini Kumar, PhD, RN, clinical and professional development expert:


* Connecting Hearts and Minds: The Relationship Between Faith and Nursing Practice


* Integrity in Nursing Practice: Why We Should Care



Numerous paper and poster presentations will explore Christian foundations in nursing, identify innovative teaching strategies, and embrace cultural attributes in local and global settings. Experience networking and fellowship in a Christian community of colleagues and friends in the beautiful setting of IWU! Cost is only $500 which includes the conference, room, and board. Register at, call 888-876-6498, or email


Be Equipped.

Nurses Christian Fellowship provides a variety of resources for nurses, students, and educators. Visit the Web site for Bible study aids, spiritual care materials, story and news features, and more! Find out how you can become involved at

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Spotlight On[horizontal ellipsis]

Lisa Carlson, NCF Member Services

If you are a new or renewing member of Nurses Christian Fellowship, meet Lisa Carlson. In her first year with NCF, Lisa serves NCF members by processing membership applications, forms, and payments.

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"Lisa is a gift to our NCF staff team and to members," says Jane Hall, NCF National Director. "She has 24 years of experience with InterVarsity's Donation Services so she knows our computer systems extensively. More importantly, she loves helping people."


Lisa enjoys working behind the scenes to provide seamless transactions for NCF members. "I'm delighted to assist our members and communicate with them, especially if there are any difficulties with the process," she said. NCF members sign up for one year of membership. Lisa communicates by email and when needed phone, with new and renewing members and sends renewal notices to members whose membership is running out. "NCF membership is valuable for nurses and we want to continue improving our services to them," Lisa said.


Lisa works part-time in the NCF/InterVarsity Christian Fellowship office in Madison, Wisconsin. She is married with a son and a daughter in college.


Find out more about becoming a member of Nurses Christian Fellowship at

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