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Thanks for all the great work you do at JCN. I am so proud to share the issues with my colleagues. Recently, I pulled out the Jan/March 2014 issue and shared the article "Creating Space for the Mentally Ill in the Faith Community." JCN is always on my desk or in my briefcase! I am working on a literature search on evidence-based research in faith community nursing and know many of the articles will come from JCN. Blessings as you continue this important work!


Lori Anderson, BSN, FCN


St. Paul, MN


Editor's Note: "Lori, there is a literature review in this JCN issue! See 'Faith Community/Parish Nurse Literature: Exciting Interventions, Unclear Outcomes' by Robyn Dandridge. JCN is committed to publishing content and research for FCN practice."-KSS


Holistic or Wholistic?

After reading your editorial "Holistic or Wholistic?" in JCN (30:3, p. 133) I want to encourage you to reconsider "wholistic" as the appropriate term when writing about faith community nursing (FCN). Wholistic is understood in health ministry to imply a Christian perspective of health. This is the wording used in the FCN Scope and Standards of Practice. Furthermore, the American Nurses Credentialing Center is using wholistic throughout their documentation for the new certification by portfolio process for FCNs in 2014. As editor I understand you want consistency in the journal, but it also is important to allow for terms used in specialty practice.


Sharon Hinton, MSN, RN, FCN


Floydada, TX


Healthcare Among the Poor

If you sense a calling to serve the poor you'll want to attend Rooted, the annual conference of the Christian Community Health Fellowship May 8-10, 2014, in Atlanta, Georgia, CCHF is a community of Christian healthcare professionals who are committed to living out the gospel through healthcare among the poor. Discover and learn from others who consider their careers and training in healthcare as a missional calling to serve Christ.

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2014 Innovations Conference-June 16-19, 2014

Calling all nurse educators, students, clinicians, and researchers! Plan to attend the 4th biennial Innovations in Faith-Based Nursing Conference, June 16-19, 2014 at Indiana Wesleyan University sponsored by IWU, Eta Chi Chapter of STTI, NCF, and NCFI. See for registration. Goals:


* Explore Christian foundations and worldviews in professional nursing.


* Identify innovative teaching strategies for education and practice.


* Embrace cultural attributes in nursing in local and global settings.


* Experience networking in a Christian community.



Conference Tracks:


* Education


* Practice/Advanced Practice


* Faith


* Culture



Cost of $500.00 includes the conference, CE credits, meals, and accommodations ($400 without accommodations).


Going Deeper-New Location

Going Deeper has a new home in the print journal. Going Deeper offers ideas for personal or group study. Thought-provoking questions assist readers in going deeper with JCN content.


This resource has been relocated from the Table of Contents to an expanded section in the Resources column. Going Deeper will still be online at under "JCN Online Extra." Check it out today.


Coming soon in JCN


* Using Evidenced-Based Practice in the Faith Community by Lynn A Maitlen


* Religiosity and Parental Acceptance of Human Papillomavirus Vaccine by Diane Reynolds


* Survey Assessment of the Faith Community: This May Help! by Lucy Tormoehlen


* Nursing Students Perception of Adoption by Karen Foli


* Incorporating Spiritual/Faith Assessment into Holistic Nurse Practitioner Education and Practice by Janice Haley


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