1. Smeltzer, Carolyn Hope EdD, RN, FACHE


From time to time, we wish there were an objective person with whom we could discuss work-related issues and possible solutions. In our quarterly Executive Coaching department, a troublesome work related issue is presented and an executive coach provides an objective analysis and professional advice. Examples of situations might be a boss who reneges on a past commitment, decisions about your department are frequently made without your input, and a boss who starts micro-management in the middle of your project. Readers are welcome to submit situations, which should be 250 words or less, describing the situation, your behaviors, and feelings. For selected situations, one hour of free telephone coaching will be offered. In print, respondent anonymity will be maintained and situations will be modified as needed to prevent institutional identification. Situations can be e-mailed to [email protected] or mailed to the editorial office address found on the masthead.