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  1. Watson, Jo PhD, RN(EC)
  2. DeLand, Marion RNC-NIC, MN
  3. Gibbins, Sharyn PhD, RN(EC)
  4. MacMillan York, Elizabeth RN
  5. Robson, Kate MEd


OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to determine whether there were differences in staff quality of work life and parent satisfaction when a neonatal intensive care unit moved from an open-bay design to a single-room model of care.


DESIGN: This descriptive study measured staff quality of work life and family satisfaction before and at 2 time periods after the relocation of a perinatal centre and the introduction of single-family room care. Differences in work life quality and satisfaction were determined using 2-sample t-tests.


RESULT: There were improvements in staff quality of work life and family satisfaction at both time periods following the move.


CONCLUSION: Lessons learned may be of value to other units considering such a move. A neonatal intensive care unit designed to contribute to parental and staff well-being is a model to be considered for future neonatal designs.