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Breast cancer survivor Maria Lucas said that having to don a traditional paper hospital gown week after week for radiation was the part of her treatment process that made her feel sick-so she designed her own.


"Putting on 'the hospital gown' continually reminded me: I had cancer," Lucas told OT via email. "My personality was taken away. I was uncomfortable, cold, and embarrassed. I kept thinking there had to be a better alternative."


After several weeks of treatment, she took home the standard hospital gown she had been given and refashioned it to create a still completely functional gown, but without extraneous ties, buttons, Velcro, or snaps-and that completely closes in the back. After she completed treatment, she and her son Koray founded their own company, Radiant Wrap, to sell the gowns to breast cancer patients nationwide.


They note that the polyester charmeuse material does not itch, irritate, or rub the skin, and each gown comes with its own matching carrying case (for easy transport). The gowns are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes, and meet all requirements for treatment and exams for breast cancer patients, she added (she consulted doctors and lab techs before finalizing the design). "They are flattering, stylish, and make you feel like a woman."

MARIA LUCAS (left), ... - Click to enlarge in new windowMARIA LUCAS (left), modeling a gown; and her son, KORAY (right). MARIA LUCAS (left), modeling a gown; and her son, KORAY (right).

The gowns fit up to size 2XL, although 3XL and 4XL plus sizes are also available, and are sold at select stores nationwide and online at