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The Affordable Care Act As a National Experiment, by Harry P. Selker and June S. Wasser, eds. 2014. Springer.


After the Supreme Court ruling, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has become both a national and state experiment. In fact, in many ways, as befits health care delivery, the ACA has become a local reflection of leadership and ideas. As John McDonough points out in his closing essay, success of the ACA depends not only on Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services leadership (which is truly challenged these days) but also on leadership and the spirit of innovation at both the state and local levels. Brian Rosman highlights both statistically and from a human point of view the impact of what many of us call Romney care on the uninsured in Massachusetts. It is no accident that most of the writers of this fine, slim volume edited by Harry Selker and June Wasser (both from Tufts) are from Massachusetts-the warm-up to the ACA.


-Harry P. Selker




-June S. Wasser




Tufts University School of Medicine