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Salt and Light

Nursing offers many opportunities to demonstrate God's love for the poor and underserved in healthcare. Nurses Christian Fellowship encourages nurses and nursing students to participate in valuable short-term mission opportunities where their nursing expertise is utilized.

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If you have an interest in serving the healthcare needs of people around the world, NCF Missions offers best practices, quality resources, and answers to commonly asked questions about missions service. NCF does not officially sponsor any short-term mission programs, but we partner with organizations that provide high-quality mission opportunities.


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Where You Belong!

Did you go into nursing to serve God and love people?

Then Nurses Christian Fellowship is where you belong! As both a professional organization and ministry for nurses, nursing students, and educators, when you join NCF you're part of a large network devoted to serving God in healthcare. Become a member at


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Be Transformed . . . Transform Nursing!

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On Campus

The future of nursing is advancing forward with new technology, a push for nurses to earn higher degrees, and an awareness of the importance of holistic care.

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Nurses Christian Fellowship USA is a national faith-based nursing organization and the only campus ministry with a strategic focus on nursing students. We know and understand the nursing students' context as we welcome them into lives of lifelong Christian discipleship.


With a solid spiritual foundation, NCF is in a unique position to respond to the changing trends in nursing education. Our desire is to follow God's leading and impact the world of healthcare with his truth, mercy, grace, and compassion.


Today's nursing students will shape healthcare in the future. Imagine how nurses transformed by God's love could impact the world! Our vision is for every NCF campus chapter to cultivate authentic communities of believers that reach out to classmates, care for spiritual needs, and follow Jesus in nursing.


See the quotes in Spotlight On... NCF Student Leaders and you'll see why we love working with nursing students!


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The Nurse with an Alabaster Jar

It was an extravagant act of worship when Mary, the sister of Lazarus, broke her jar of expensive perfume over the feet of Jesus (John 11:2). Mary gave Jesus everything she had.

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As Christian nurses, Jesus entrusts each of us with an alabaster jar of precious oil. We pour out this oil in daily acts of mercy and physical care, as well as through spiritual care. God gives us the privilege of breaking open the alabaster jar of compassion for people who face uncertainty, suffering, and death.


In this comprehensive book, The Nurse with an Alabaster Jar, Sr. Mary Elizabeth O'Brien, SFCC, reveals how the Scriptures have shaped nursing from its beginning. Find out how they still provide direction and resources for nursing today.


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Spotlight On...

NCF Student Leaders

When nursing students collide with God's love, amazing changes happen. But don't take our word for it. Read these quotes from NCF chapter leaders for an inside peek at the front lines of ministry on campus. These nursing students are developing their leadership skills, spiritual disciplines, and confidence in God's presence in all of life's circumstances.

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A Sense of Belonging

"College campuses can be very dark places. College students often are just looking for a place to belong and for someone to care. Campus ministry is a way to reach out to those students and give them a sense of belonging. I love that through NCF ministry, I get the chance to share God's love with my own peers - other nursing students that I'm surrounded by daily."-Hannah Jackson, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

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The Joy of NCF Ministry

"We enjoy sharing our own stories and reaching out to our classmates and patients. We build each other up in times of struggles with school or personal issues. I love how my classmates engage themselves in fulfilling our goals. As a group, we learn how important it is to have a relationship with God on a daily basis, how to strengthen and train each other, and how to spread the Word of God to everyone."-Norman Bisda, University of Central Florida

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A Community of Grace

"NCF ministry excites me because of the endless possibilities and ways God can work through me and other students. College is a time where people are trying to discover who they are and where they fit into the world. Everyone is looking for something; why not introduce them to a loving and gracious God who wants to have a personal relationship with them?"

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"NCF met last fall as a small group of 6-18 students. Now our group has grown to 60. We have commuters, traditional, and nontraditional nursing students. We see genuine community forming among students from all levels and backgrounds."-Bethany Kubias, Malone University, Ohio


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