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Steep Trend Positioner for surgical procedures

Allen Medical Company's Hug-U-Vac Steep Trend Positioner is used for positioning patients in the steep Trendelenburg position for surgical procedures. The positioner has a patient weight capacity of 500 lb (227 kg) and is designed for easy forearm access to I.V. lines. The Hug-U-Vac fits standard OR tables by securing its three integral straps to the rails of the OR table. Filled with soft microbeads, which enable it to inflate and deflate evenly when suction is applied, the Hug-U-Vac doesn't require continuous suction. After positioning the patient, deflate the device, and its pliable shape conforms to the contours of the patient's body.

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Disposable covers, which fit the device completely, enable easy cleanup to expedite case turnover. The Hug-U-Vac should be used with Allen Shoulder Supports to ensure safety in the deep Trendelenburg position.


GAMMEX Burn Treatment Solutions

Ansell Healthcare's Gammex Burn Treatment Solutions are designed to allow for localized wound evaluation, increased patient comfort and mobility, decreased time associated with wound checks, and easier, more consistent dressing application. The Gammex burn treatment products are effective in the treatment of full- and partial-thickness burns, surgical and graft sites, donor sites, traumatic injuries, and other hand and finger wounds. Ansell markets the Gammex Silver Barrier Glove, Gammex Silver Finger Dressing, and Gammex Outer Dressings.

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The Silver Barrier Glove and Silver Finger Dressing use Xstatic fiber technology, which has strong antimicrobial properties against 140 hospital-based microorganisms. The Silver Barrier Glove and Silver Finger Dressing also have self-fastener closures and individualized digit compression. Both are compatible with Gammex Outer Dressings and are fully customizable. Gammex Outer Dressings are made with a state-of-the-art, customized blend of cotton, nylon, and spandex to provide superior wicking, stretch, and absorption, allowing fast and easy application and dressing changes as well as better range of motion.


Cleaning kit meets OR shower requirements

Clorox Healthcare's Aplicare 4% CHG Skin Cleansing Kit is now available to enhance adherence to professional guidelines and correct product usage. The kit includes the essentials for two preprocedural chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) cleanses, tailored to meet recommendations set by the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses. The kit also includes tools to help patients understand why skin cleansing is important for prevention of infection and how to use the product.

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The new 2-in-1 kit is designed to address barriers of adherence and effective skin cleansing prior to surgery. Patients have what they need in one easy-to-use package, and nurses have a way to easily distribute the product. This kit provides patients with simple bilingual cleansing instructions.