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  1. Edwards, Susanna B. PhD, RN
  2. Galanis, Effie MSW, RSW
  3. McGarvey, Kay RN, CCHN(c)
  4. Prestwich, Catherine BScN, RN, CHPCN(c)
  5. Ritcey, Sheila PhD, PT, BSc
  6. Wulf, Karina BScN, RN, ACRN, CHPCN(c)


Patients who choose care in a home setting at the end of life may be at risk because of their declining cognitive or physical abilities, environmental hazards in the home, or caregiving issues. Although safety concerns in hospitals have been well documented, knowledge about safety issues in the home setting is limited. This qualitative, focused-ethnographic study was conducted to understand the safety issues that occur in the home setting from the perspective of home care clinicians who manage these issues for end-of-life patients.