1. Cook, Marta BSN, RN
  2. Carmichael, Stacey BSN, RN

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1. Use technology to decrease the number of steps nursing takes to attain desired outcomes within patient-centered care. 2. Drive nurse-initiated interventions by empowering nursing with easily accessible tools to facilitate positive patient outcomes. Informatics personnel identified areas where informatics tools embedded in the EHR could improve patient care and outcomes. For example, within the Cancer Center of SHC, Informatics personnel noted that oncology patients did not consistently receive nutrition consults in a timely manner and that this was related to malnourishment, poorer outcomes, delayed treatment, and longer treatment times. Likewise, inpatient informatics personnel documented inconsistent workflows for conducting postdischarge phone calls, resulting in inaccurate metrics for reporting patient satisfaction. Additionally, the workflow did not provide ideal methods to track whether patients had or had not received follow-up phone calls.



Data collection by observation, nursing survey, Lean methodology.



Increased number of patients receiving timely nutrition consults and interventions. Real-time reporting of discharge phone calls, resulting in efficient patient follow-up and interventions.



Standardizing the processes for oncology nutrition consults and discharge phone calls improved patient outcomes and increased patient satisfaction as reported in postdischarge phone calls and responses of patients in the cancer center. In addition, workflows were improved by eliminating unnecessary steps. Informatics personnel collaborated with nurses to enhance nurses' workflow while supporting patient-centered care. New tools in the EHR supporting nutrition options and postdischarge phone calls empowered nurses to think critically about the patient's care and improve patient outcomes. The Patient Outreach Encounter tool and patient responses to treatment in the cancer center show improvement in patient satisfaction. Engaging nursing and nursing leadership from the beginning ensured support of the new workflows.