1. Hainan, Elizabeth BSN, RN, CPN

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"Diabetes and Puberty: A Glycemic Challenge" (July) did a great job of describing the challenges faced by teenagers who have type 1 diabetes.


Both the patient and family need to be prepared for the complications adolescence can bring. Family-focused care that encourages shared care responsibilities among parents and children and includes strategies to avoid conflict has been shown to improve the care of older children with diabetes.1


During a clinical rotation in a pediatric endocrine clinic for my master's degree program, I saw that driving could be used as a motivating factor for teens. In order to obtain and keep their driver's license, they had to sign a contract agreeing to maintain normal blood sugar levels, keep a snack in the car, and wear a medic alert bracelet. If the teens didn't comply with this contract, their driver's licenses were revoked.


Elizabeth Hainan, BSN, RN, CPN


Apollo, PA




1. Levitsky LL, Misra M. Management of type 1 diabetes mellitus in children and adolescents UpToDate 2014. [Context Link]