1. Zotz, Talita Gianello Gnoato MSc
  2. Loureiro, Ana Paula Cunha MSc
  3. Valderramas, Silvia Regina PhD
  4. Gomes, Anna Raquel Silveira PhD


This study aimed to review systematically the available evidence on the effects of stretching exercise on musculoskeletal function of the elderly individuals. The search was performed in 4 databases. Twenty-four controlled clinical trials were included and the methodological qualities were measured using the JADAD scale. Stretching exercise improved gait speed (P = .04), range of motion of hip uniarticular flexors (P = .02), and ankle dorsiflexion (P = .003) as compared with control groups. Stretching -exercise can be considered as an intervention for elderly individuals in counteracting age-related decline in mobility. However, it is suggested new randomized clinical trials, focusing on the parameters to prescribe stretching exercise.