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  1. Rossi, Luciano Pavan PhD
  2. Brandalize, Michelle MSc
  3. Pereira, Rafael PhD
  4. Gomes, Anna Raquel Silveira PhD


The study aimed to evaluate a perturbation-based balance training program designed to target neuromuscular recruitment and functional mobility in older women. Older women were divided into exercise group (6-week balance training) and control group. Timed Up & Go test, central activation failure of ankle muscles, and electromyographic activity from 6 lower-limb muscles were assessed during postural perturbations. Variables were analyzed at baseline, at the 6-week follow-up, and after a detraining (6-week) period. The balance training improved electromyographic amplitude during postural perturbations, the central activation failure, and the Timed Up & Go test score. The perturbation-based balance training program improved muscle activation and the functional performance of older women.