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  1. Castilho-Weinert, Luciana Vieira DSc
  2. Takeda, Sibele Yoko Mattozo MSc
  3. Guimaraes, Ana Tereza Bittencourt DSc
  4. Goncalves, Anelise Macalossi PT
  5. Zanini, Luciana Maria PT
  6. Cavalcanti, Alini Ioris PT
  7. Grigorio, Jocasta Mayara PT
  8. da Silva Cunha, Julia Beatriz PT
  9. Bonfim, Aline Fagundes PT
  10. Ximendes, Gabriela Soares PT


Functional capacity and quality of life were evaluated in 43 institutionalized elderly people. Physical therapy interventions were performed for 30 minutes each week followed by reassessment after 16 weeks through the Functional Independence Measure and the World Health Organization Quality of Life-BREF questionnaires. Results were analyzed using a paired t test (P >= .05). Functional independence and quality of life remained constant in the physical and social relation domains with a reduction in the psychological and environmental domains. Physiotherapy prevented functional, physical, and relational losses over the 16 weeks but did not influence psychological and environmental aspects of institutionalization.