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  1. de Paula Ferreira, Manoela PT
  2. Israel, Vera L. PhD
  3. Guimaraes, Ana T. B. PhD


This study aimed to verify the effect of a program of functional exercise on body balance in the institutionalized elderly. Six elderly persons participated and were evaluated and reevaluated after 3.5 weeks using the Berg Balance Scale. The program consisted of 14 meetings of 60 minutes each, 4 times a week. The function descriptive analysis of Microsoft 2010 was used. An improved scale score (48.3 +/- 4.1 vs 42.8 +/- 6.2, P = 0.002) and a decreased risk of falls (84% +/- 43% vs 46% +/- 29%, P = 0.002) were found. Functional training was sufficient to improve balance and reduce the number of falls.