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  1. Takano, Lissa Lumi PT, MSc
  2. Leite, Hercules Ribeiro PT, MSc, PhD
  3. Rosso, Ana Lucia MD, PhD
  4. Vincent, Maurice MD, PhD
  5. Correa, Clynton Lourenco PT, MSc, PhD


Physical therapy may be of great importance in Parkinson disease. The objective of the study is to analyze the gait in patients with Parkinson disease treated with an equipment of body weight support associated with a treadmill as compared with the conventional physical therapy. All subjects presented lower fatigue at the last session than at baseline. The body weight support associated with a treadmill group showed significant improvement in Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale motor scale score, while the conventional physical therapy group improved in the 6-minute walk test distance parameter. No technique proved universally better than another, and treatments led to good results considering the variables analyzed.