1. Dill, Bobbie BSN, RN, C

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To the Editor:


I read with interest the article entitled "Chronic Hepatitis C" by Margaret Heitkemper et al. in the July/August 2001 issue of Gastroenterology Nursing. This excellent article served to highlight the biopsychosocial needs of patients with hepatitis C as well as the measure of nursing care challenge associated with this diagnosis and treatment regimen.


I heartily agree that a GI nurse with additional training is in an ideal position to take on an important role involving organized patient education, monitoring, and support. We demonstrated the effectiveness of this role in our GI practice whereby the GI nurse cared for patients with Hepatitis C as well as other special needs groups such as patients with IBS, collaborating with the GI physician and in-house counselor. The experience was outlined in two of our journal articles (Dill & Dill, 1995, 1999).


Bobbie Dill, BSN, RN, C




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