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  1. Kirby, R. Lee MD, FRCPC
  2. Keeler, Laura BSc
  3. Wang, Sherry MD, FRCPC
  4. Thompson, Kara MSc
  5. Theriault, Chris PEng


Objectives: To determine the proportion of wheelchair users who receive wheelchair skills training during an inpatient stay at a Canadian rehabilitation center.


Methods: Each of 42 wheelchair-using inpatients completed a questionnaire within 72 hours of his or her expected discharge.


Results: Twenty-three (54.8%) participants reported having received wheelchair skills training. The median number and duration of training sessions was five 30-minute sessions. None (0%) of the other 19 participants knew of arrangements to receive training after discharge.


Conclusion: Only 54.8% of wheelchair-using people nearing discharge from a rehabilitation center reported that they had received wheelchair skills training.