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Modern Day Photographic Memory

The reason why


I take so many pictures nowadays


Is because three days after you died in that ICU bed,


After your spirit suddenly left your body


And your physical presence here on earth was no more


I abruptly realized


And was shaken to my very core to find out


That in all the many years we had known each other,


And throughout all of the wonderful times we shared together


And despite all of the countless thousands of other pics we were in with others


That there was not a single photograph of just the two of us


Not a single picture, blog post, meme, JPEG, social media entry,


Of just you and me,


Not a one smart phone pic, candid photo, or digital image


To record our lovely friendship


For the sake of posterity and beyond.


Since the corrosive sadness I had felt that day,


Without that one picture of you and me to cherish, to treasure, to share,


I now spend my days


Obsessively trying to document and faithfully record


Smiling visages of friends and their friends of friends


In a glimmering sprinkle of hope


That I may not lose another chance


For modern day photographic memory


Naveen Pemmaraju, MD, is Assistant Professor in the Department of Leukemia at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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