1. Lambie, Amanda MSN, RN, CPN
  2. Schwend, Kelly PhD, RN

Article Content

To address the mandate to embed quality and safety education in nursing (QSEN) into the curriculum, a teaching innovation was simultaneously incorporated into a junior-level pediatric theory course and senior-level community practicum course. The innovation was a pediatric health and safety fair implemented at a grade school. Students prepared a scholarly proposal detailing their group's teaching plan and their individual contributions to the health and safety fair during the planning stage. The students were required to use 3 research articles supporting their chosen health or safety topic following a needs assessment and evidence-based literature search. In addition, independent research and collaboration allowed students to engage in meaningful dialogue and further demonstrate implementation of QSEN-guided project objectives. Faculty explained the QSEN competencies to the senior-level students in an effort to link theory to practice. Students were then able to conceptualize their teamwork and collaboration component as essential to the QSEN framework as well as their current and future nursing practice. The learning experience allowed students to demonstrate communication, teamwork, and leadership skills, while encouraging best practices in teaching and learning and also meeting an important local community need.


Submitted by: Amanda Lambie, MSN, RN, CPN and Kelly Schwend, PhD, RN, Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing, Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois.