1. Polak, Rani MD, MBA
  2. Constantini, Naama W. MD
  3. Verbov, Gina MSc
  4. Edelstein, Naomi MPH, BSc
  5. Hasson, Ronnie RD
  6. Lahmi, Michele MPH, RN
  7. Cohen, Rivka RN
  8. Maoz, Shuli RN
  9. Daoud, Nihaya PhD, MPH
  10. Bentov, Nathalie MD, MA
  11. Aharony, Hannah Soltz MA
  12. Stein-Zamir, Chen MD, MPH


Mother and Child Health Clinics have provided preventive health services in Israel for nearly a century. The Public Health Nurses Promote Healthy Lifestyles Program was developed to assist families in adopting healthy behaviors. The program ran in the Jerusalem District from 2009 to 2011. After piloting, 175 public health nurses received training and interventions took place in 45 clinics serving parents of 167 213 infant and toddlers per year. When evaluation is completed, our hope is to incorporate the program into Mother and Child Health Clinic services regularly provided nationwide, thereby becoming an integral part of the initiative, Healthy Israel 2020.